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PHP is an open source technology using which you can develop dynamic web pages. These can be embedded into HTML documents
The possibilities to make your website more appealing using PHP is endless. This is because using PHP you can write your own PHP scripts in addition to implementing existing scripts.



This is one of the major applications of php. You can develop dynamic ecommerce website ranging from small business to enterprise level. The options to start with are innumerable. You can either code from scratch or use an existing framework like Codeignitor, CakePHP etc. You can also use existing open source solutions listed below:
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Zen Cart
  • Shopify

Project Management Tools

Several Project management tools are available on market today. You can also build your own tool using php


Surprising, but php installation can be extended to create desktop applications

Facebook Applications

Another interesting application of facebook You can develop facebook applications and tabs using php.

Content Management System

A good CMS allows the client to update the content of website themselves. You can develop the same from scratch or do so with the help of any open source solutions like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal.

Online Community

One of the majotr advantage of php is that you can build your own online community with php.

Mailing List

You can develop your own mailing list. Newsletter is used these days to keep the client informed about the updates, announcements etc


We providing custom specialize in php solutions to our clients. We provide php solution for enterprise portals, online stores, news and entertainment and social networking portals, Online stores, e-procurement etc.

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