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So, You Want To Start Your Own Web Site?

A business which is without a website today is missing a really big opportunity. Getting a website developed is rather an easy process that gives your company an online platform to be in front of potential customers. While you have the option of outsourcing the entire process of building your website to any IT company, but it is recommended that you must be acquainted with some of the basic tips in order to get the best of a professional website.

First of all you need to get a domain name for your website. The domain is the unique address of your website. The common perception is that domain name comes this way www.yourdomainname.com but the fact is that you do not have to always rely on the .com top level domain but there are many other .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tv and so on. You can also register on India specific domain which is still unique all over the world. For example you want to register yourdomainname.com which is already taken you can always go for a yourdomainname.in domain. The .in domain signifies that this is an Indian website which gives your business a high degree of credibility in a regional scenario.

The second most important step is to avail the web hosting services. The web hosting service is the place where your website would be stored for the world to access it. Therefore, you need to decide for the space where you would need to host your website and this will depend upon the total size of your website. Then you have to choose between Windows Server based or Linux based web hosting. Windows hosting is a bit expensive but itsí required for high end Web Applications that are built in Asp.net. Similarly, Linux hosting allows you to run Web Applications developed in PHP and it works on LAMP (Linux, Apache, My SQL, PP) architecture.

Thirdly, chose a web design company which can develop the website for you. Hiring a professional web design company is recommended because they would be able to handle the development of your website in a professional manner. It is also recommended that you must provide the web design company with accurate information and a graphical representation to understand the navigation and overall structure of the website. It is also recommended that you must learn some basic concepts of HTML so that you can make any updates or minor changes at your end.

So, if you are dreaming to give your company an online platform, then just go ahead with your plan to make a website.

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