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Suresh puts the question to Matt Cutts of Google, “what should be the focus of SEO’s in 2008

Suresh: What do you think SEOs should focus on in 2008, you know 2007 was really great with all these features, what do you think should be the focus in 2008 with an SEO point of view, should it be mobile or… it could be lot of things

Matt: I’ll two or three different answers and I’ll let you pick which one you like the best.

So this past and all the past years having good high quality content is the best way forward. So start from a base start from a foundation of high quality content and then there are a few things that you can think about, personalization is a big one, so trying to make sure that you’re really targeted to ultra specific demographic niches, you know if you’re looking for a certain type of user you’ve got content that appeals to that user.

There’s also local, you know if you’ve got a website you really should have the business address, where you’re located and all your branch addresses. Google’s Local Business Centre you can submit for free and you can say, here’s where I am located and its really nice. You can shop on Google maps for free.

And the last one that I would recommend is “Mobile”… everybody’s got a phone… So if you make a website load fast it will really work well on a mobile device

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