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Free your Online Shop with an Open Source Shopping Cart Solutions

Open source software solutions are becoming more and more popular because of the amount of goodwill the open source community has gained through success stories like linux, Mozilla and so on. The Free Software Foundation which is a global organization that oversees various free software products says that when you are talking about Free and open source software you are talking about free as in freedom. Not only are these solutions available free of cost, they are also available in the source form. This means that you can ask the IT department of your organization to modify the software source code in order to suit your requirements. This level of customizability is not available with commercial software solutions. Not to forget that you do not have to pay anything for the software. Open source software solutions are available for almost all the tasks and web businesses are increasingly adopting open source software solution in key areas of business.

If you are looking for a online shopping cart solution, you should consider Zen Cart and Os-commerce. Both these online shopping solutions are available under the GNU General Public License. if you are about to consider building your own shopping cart solution from scratch, you must consider both these solutions. These software solutions run on any PHP and My SQL based server environment so you can consider the very affordable and powerful LAMP architecture for your online business. But this is not all, when you choose from either of these solutions for your web based business, you stand to gain a lot more.

  • Low Start up Costs: Being free of cost, these solutions eliminate the expense that you would have to bear on getting a complete web shop solution developed or licensed from any third party software vendor.

  • Almost Zero Maintenance Costs: The software solution updates and support from these solutions are available from the Open Source community / forum itself. You would not have to pay any money when you update or upgrade the solution. Moreover you can have your queries answered online through various Open Source Communities and forums.

  • Security: One of the main reasons that these software solutions are gaining popularity is that these software solutions are known to be rather secure. Since a large development community is rallied around these solutions, the bugs are easily found and squatted and security holes if any are plugged in a very speedy manner.

All this means that if you use Zen Cart or Os-commerce, you would be able to provide maximum up time of the shop to your customers and the key to making profit online is to deliver maximum up time so that customers from all over the world can shop at any time they want.

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