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Whats with Google and 1969? Suresh Quizzed Matt Cutts on it

To give you a background on this Suresh had once submitted his website to Google Local and found that the date showing for his listing was showing the year as 1969, Suresh tried to contact Google to get the issue checked, seeing himself unsuccessful at that he approached Matt Cutts, who took down us nos. and the next day had someone at Google sort the thing out. But Suresh always wondered what caused the error in the first place thus during his interview he quizzed Matt on that as well.

Matt: Good Question! So if you’re a UNIX Geek, January 1st 1969 has a special significance to you, as UNIX uses that as a zero time stamp, and in fact we would some time see that on cached pages if we didn’t set the crawled date, we’d say we crawled it in 1969, which is years before the web existed.

So that’s just a bug in our system and if you see anything like that report it to us and will try get figured out and get it fixed.

You can watch the video of that interview here.

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