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How you could measure if you’re Google Local Listing is working for you or not?

Suresh: How does one measure, I don’t see any tools where we can measure how people look and click on local listing compared to organic listings, then we can analyze if there’s some tool that comes up for this measurement it’s going to be huge, because it’s (Google Local) going to be huge.

Matt: I completely agree, what I think you can do is try to have a special landing pages that are specially good for Local and you use Google Analytics on them

And another thing you can do is look at the referrer, because sometimes if you are coming from a Local Property, you can say the referrer was this and it won’t be the exact same URL as Search URL as your standard one on Google and if you can get away trying to spot things based on the referrer, you often say “awhh! This is local query.

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