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Friday, August 31, 2007

Tips on sending out your first newsletter.

Many website owners very often undermine the potential traffic newsletters could get to their website, further the ROI (return on investment) from this kind of traffic is much higher than PPC advertising, because when you put an add out there on WWW someone may click on it, find nothing of interest and go way whilst with newsletters the approach is a little different; you tell a prospect client what product you have, how it looks, how much it costs… if he is interested he would click on the link come to your site and BUY.

Hey wait!! Don't rush out yet… to send those newsletters; because Email Marketing is no monkey business, thus I have put together some tips for sending out your newsletters.

Whom to send
Don't just send your newsletter to anyone at random like all the unsolicited mail you'll go straight into someone's Spam/junk mailbox. Here is where the trusted database of your Ecommerce web site comes into play. Use the details provided by users of your site, if possible send them an opt-in mail and invite them to join your newsletter mailing list; this will definitely bring quality as against quantity to your mailing list.

Beat the Spam Filters
Many Internet service providers use highly sophisticated spam protection techniques to catch unsolicited email before it reaches their users' inboxes. They usually "rank" each email numerous criteria, and if they find an email rating above a certain mark for eg. 10 spam points, then its marked / flagged as spam and sent to Spam / Bulk / Junk mailbox or even get deleted.

To ensure that your newsletter doesn't get marked / flagged as spam and sent to Spam / Bulk / Junk mailbox or even get deleted before your intended recipient even reads it, there are many things you could do, but to being with I would suggest just two simple things.
  • Avoid the Spam Lingo!! STOP using words such as "Free" "Save" "Discount" "$" "£" for a starter. This list is indeed longer but I don't think you would use most of them any which ways, for eg. "Viagra".
  • Mails from friends and family or anyone whom you know and have on your address book cannot be spam, and that's why it is important for you start requesting your subscribers to start adding you to their address book or to safe senders list if they have one.
  • Use a proper email id to send the mails like news / newsletter / info ( @ ) yourdomain.com...I have seen some really funny looking and sounding email ids like xydgd3949mdk ( @ )someoneelsesdomain.com, No would want to add something that creepy in their address book, Just keep it simple.

Get them to your site (Click-Thru Rates)
The Best way to tell what is a link on a site is blue underlined text, and when there are so many images and so much of text on that newsletter the best marketing strategy you could us is going old school dump the CSS for those very important Click Here (to buy my No.1 Product at half Price)... keep it simple use blue underline for text just kick in that strong tag to make it bold that's guaranteed to grab attention; there are so many researches done on this and they concur that most Internet users respond better to a plain, bold, blue text link as opposed to a banner or button some flash CSS. So, if you're going to include links in your emails, make sure they are bold, blue and underlined. This would mean, more subscribers clicking through, resulting in more conversions / sales for you.

Personalize it
Personalizing News letters is very important. For a starter using "Hi [subscriber_name]" instead of usual "Hi there", you can increase both your reading and click-thru rates. When you compare "Dear My Store User" to "Dear Adam"; the latter gives a feeling the sender knows you thus forming an instant connect. Using the first name or the last name is yet an important decision as this could make give you informal / formal image whatever suits your marketing strategy.

Don't forget to add your personnel signature as well like your name, your site name and so on. This would just humanize the connection as they recipient would get a feeling that it you are sending him a personal note rather than emailing software just sending out automated newsletters.

Be sure about your Mailing list
The mailing list is all those people you send your newsletter. To be successful in the long run you need to focus building mailing list with quality rather than quantity. The best way to do that is to be sure your subscriber would won't you to be sending him the newsletter let him decide at all times. Even if he has entered his email address in the newsletter form on your site, still send him a mail; confirm if he is really interested in signing up this what we people from email marketing industry call the double opt-in process. Also let him decide when he would like to leave don't be extra smart and use double opt-out, as this may anger him so much that he may won't to sign back up.

When to send
The most frequently asked question I have come across in Internet Marketing career as far as Email Marketing goes is when to send those newsletters, when is the best time? The Answer: As far as my experience goes I would say late afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday. Further Studies conducted by online research analysts confirm this belief of mine that the best days to send-out your newsletters are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when users are more receptive to such type of communication maximizing your leads.

I have a simpler explanation On Mondays; everyone is still getting on their feet after a crazy weekend and on Thursdays and Fridays, people are busy planning for the weekend. That leaves us with Tuesday and Wednesday.

As for what time goes, at night is pointless as everyone is a sleep and a majority of the people won't even bother to read your email, further some countries have laws that restrict such communication to be sent at night, if you think they'll read it when they wake up in the morning; morning isn't a good time either as everyone is busy getting to work or if at work planning how they could get all the days work done, in the evening they are all in a hurry to get back home. But Late afternoon when is the most relaxed time in the afternoon when people try catch some fresh air, check their mail.

When sending newsletters to your subscribers, take care that it is sent on the same day, at the same time, for eg. Every Wednesday at 3pm. Your client will begin to "expect" your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day at the same time every week, which gives you consistent audience and again better leads.

Create an Image.
If you plan on sending out newsletter or frequent email publication very often, make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue. By keeping the look and feel consistent, you help to maintain and strengthen your brand and your image to your subscribers. This help get more leads. Take some time and Create a template for your newsletter and whenever you need to create a new issue, use that template as the base.

A subject line is meant to describe the email use it wisely. Don’t just get away with some like Newsletter ten, because no one other than you is interested in counting, instead use something like Summer Collection is out now or Holiday discounts.

Next best to the subject that can drive more leads through your newsletter is the header, that where the cream of your newsletter should go as many email clients show the mails in preview panes and the top is what they see and decide whether to open the mail, even if they aren't using something with a preview pane, this will only won't them to scroll down and check all the offers.

Add value
And Finally... add some value to your newsletter put a write up or some special offer, if it was just your products list the user wanted to see they could do it better by visiting your website.

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