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What are the advantages of microsite?
Microsites are basically small website with one to three pages generally. Microsites are just not mini websites with attractive and dynamic designs and with moderately priced. These days’ microsites are just not creative and artistic websites but have a lot of advantages.
One of the advantage is focused data branding. If you want to launch a new product or service you can get a microsite developed to market of this product or service.
Another advantage of microsite is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. Microsites are generally built for a specific product or service. Their target is usually specific and so is their demographic. Which is why it demands less but keyword rich content that is specific to the product or service you are promoting. This is the reason why search engines highly value these kind on sites.
Not only these, microsites are faster to develop, implement and manage. You can use microsites to promote a specific brand, product or service. It can serve as a perfect toll for experimenting and understanding your market. You get all these at highly affordable and cost effective price.

Who can implement and benefit from microsite?
Newly launched brands, products and services. You can market a newly launched product or service with a microsite. This can be very helpful to understand the market and the target audience. If you are a startup with tight budget constraints you can develop a microsite. This is faster to sign, develop and deploy. Moreover, it is easier to maintain.

Why Ecreeds Web Design Company?
Design is our strength. We can design attractive and dynamic website specific to your domain and product or service base. We understand that microsites are natural audience grabbers giving you more opportunity to attract audiences.

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