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Technology - .Net

.Net consists of a re-useable library of classes. It also consists of a development environment to help developers rapidly and graphically build applications.


Content Mnagement Sytem

  • You can developed enterprise level content management systems (CMS) using .Net

Software and Applications

  • In addition to that you can also develop accounting applications and product/inventory related applications.


  • Our expert on the technology ensure that you get best tailored personalized solutions
  • Microsoft Visual Studio┬« .NET and the .NET Framework supports varied languages, helping developers to focus on work without learning a new language that can do the job.
  • Ability of cross platform migration.
  • With the help of ASP.NET, our expert team of professionals create rich and dynamic web pages and web technologies
  • Web integration with payment gateway integration.
  • Ongoing application improvement.


To increase application maintainability and workflow transparency we separate data from business logic. This you can say as one of the benefit of using .Net, we can separate the data-access code from the business-logic code that governs access to the data or that provides other business rules.

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